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    We are aware of the fact that with crime rates rising so high nowadays, you cannot rely on risk calling an uncertified locksmith London. This is why we make sure that all our locksmiths are licenced so that there are no security threats faced by our customers. The company was established with the goal of running a business that will grow through its reputation for professional service, integrity and reliability. As we are the providing with the service of Lockmsith Lewisham we offer full services that include installation of security grilles and CCTV.

  •  Installation of security grilles in Lewisham for your protection

    The Lock Specialist offers a comprehensive selection of security grilles designed for residential and commercial purposes. Our security grilles have been designed to both high security and long lasting, manufactured to the high standards in London. If you are looking for bespoke, security grilles, steel doors or high security doors for your home or business please feel free to call us direct for more information and let us show you why we are the number one company for security grilles in London.

    Here at The Lock Specialist, we are committed to improve the security of your business and we believe our security grilles are a great way to protect any commercial or residential property- as well as offering other benefits too. Security grilles on to windows minimize the risk of burglars and increase the safety of young children.

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