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Repairs & Services

Are your locks in need of a repair or service?

A faulty lock is a security risk you cannot afford. Burglars and thieves always go for the obvious vulnerable spots such as windows and doors so if they detect a faulty lock then the intruders have found an easy target. If there are problems with your locks then we strongly advise all our customers to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Our emergency locksmith engineers are highly skilled to service or repair any lock. We agree, not all locks can be repaired. Some locks have really had their fair share of usage and in those cases, we advise customers to replace them.

We work with earlier edition locks as well as the latest ones in the market. Generally, locksmiths do not like to work on discontinued brands but our engineers do not turn down or shy away from such locks that need servicing. We can help repair digital locks and other keyless door locks.

Your faulty lock maybe the reason for your emergency call today. Save yourself a separate labor fee in future by asking our engineer to take a quick look around your house and assess all the other locks, ensuring they are all in functional working order. Take advantage of our specialist engineers during their time with you and make the most of their visit.

You will save money and have the peace of mind, knowing that your property has been secured by using our highly skilled engineers. Call us now on 020 8534 4949