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1. I have lost my keys. Will I need new keys or will I be given a duplicate copy?

Generally when you lose your keys, spare copies are not within reach so unfortunately duplicate copies will not be possible. In this instance customers tend to have their locks changed which come complete with a new set of keys.

2. If I have lost my keys and am locked out will the engineer need to damage my door?

No damage will be caused to your property when gaining entry back into your premises. Our engineers are skilled enough to avoid any damage to your property.

3. How does it usually take to get me back in my house?

Our specialist engineers will aim to get you back in to your house within 30mins of arrival

4. Do I need to provide ID?

Yes ID is a requirement to carry out any inspection or entry to your property. Our engineers are police vetted and we operate on a strict policy of checking identification before commencing any work. This is to ensure the safety and protection of your property from intruders posing to own or live there.

5. What happens if my ID is inside the house?

That’s absolutely fine. You will be asked before commencing any work if you can provide ID once we have let you back in your house. If you agree to this prior to starting the job then you have taken full responsibility and are liable after that point. Again this is aimed at protecting your property from potential criminals who maybe attempting to get in.

6. If I lose my keys or locked out. Do I get a replacement immediately on the same day?

Yes, we will provide a full replacement on the same day and have your locks working like new again.

7. How long do I have to wait for a call out?

We aim to be at your property as fast as 15-30 minutes after confirming you wish to go ahead with the job. Our engineers are on standby 24 hours a day and are dispatched immediately.

8. Can I pay cheque?

Unfortunately we do not accept cheques

9. Can I pay by credit or debit card?

Yes, however credit card companies charge us for using visa, mastercard and any other major credit cards. So we have a 4% surcharge. Debit cards are not chargeable.

10. Will I be given an invoice?

Yes, all our jobs are documented with a unique invoice number.

11. What happens I found my keys and the engineer is already on route?

Please refer to our cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

We have a cancellation policy to cover the costs of our engineers and advertising. You have to appreciate that our dedicated engineers are here to serve you and always aim there up-most on every visit to reach you at the fastest possible time, understanding that you are a top priority on their agenda as soon as they receive that call. So they will drop whatever they are doing and flag your job as an emergency. So in fairness, we have placed a 50% charge on the price quoted in the event of cancelling a job but if the engineer arrives at your property then full payment is required.