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Commercial CCTV Installation


Most commercial and retail burglaries are committed by young men. Interviews reveal that the main motive for their crimes was due to their poor economic background. Criminals have become extremely skilled and sophisticated at tackling alarm systems and security devices. Much planning goes into selecting what they call “safer targets” and are not deterred by physical security. Most commercial burglars are highly prolific and have years of experience on how not to get caught. They work in small gangs and generally rely on disabling the alarm, which allows them more undisturbed time on the premises. They target high-value items and once they gain entry, they look for the safe. Burglaries occur at night or on weekends, when stores are usually closed. Inexperienced intruders force door locks, break through doors or side panels, or force/break windows. However, the experienced criminals are more skilled in what they do, like trained locksmiths and will often use non-destructive methods leaving little or no trace behind.

As with some commercial properties, owners suffer substantial repeat victimization. This is due to their location, lack of security or the attractiveness of their goods. National data for Britain show that 2% of retail premises experienced a quarter of the retail burglaries in 1993. A repeat burglary can occur soon after the initial one, usually within a month.

The average financial loss due to burglary is about 20% greater for stores than for residential properties. Perhaps for this reason, a larger proportion of retail burglaries have been reported to the police than domestic burglaries. According to a national British survey of retailers, stores lose as much to burglary as to shoplifting and only very rarely recover stolen goods.

Question: Will you be the next victim?

Save yourself and your business from being the next robbery victim by taking security precautions right now. The easiest and simplest way to protect your business is to install maximum security locks. Burglars are very knowledgeable about brands and the type of locks you choose. Generally, when an intruder has had multiple failed attempts on a lock then they tend to move on the next target. Give burglars a hard time by placing security on your premises such as CCTV or alarms systems. This is always a great deterrent.

Commercial Locksmith Services provided by The Lock Specialist Ltd are one of the most reliable companies you can choose in London. We offer commercial security services, and have established ourselves as a reliable name in London. Your commercial property deserves nothing but the best and our locksmiths can provide the highest level of service. We are available, round the clock for emergency assistance and our specialist locksmiths’ work out of office hours to give you the best service possible, no matter how late or inconvenient.

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We offer an absolutely free security survey that will help you determine vulnerable areas on your property. After the survey, our specialist engineers will present a number of security options for your company. You are under no obligation whatsoever to acquire our services after the free survey. Contact us now on and get your free survey today.

Additional Commercial Locksmith Services We Offer

Whether your commercial property is a warehouse, a shopping outlet, or an office, we have the perfect security solutions for you. When we call ourselves one of the best locksmiths in London, we do not make the claim lightly. Our locksmiths are highly skilled and have a proven track record when it comes to commercial properties. We offer tailor made solutions to all our clients, and cater to the following types of businesses:

Property and Private Landlords
Estate Agents

If you need to ensure the security of your commercial property, contact us and utilise our free survey to your advantage. We offer a reliable service and maintain high standards of quality when it comes to security products. Call us on for Commercial CCTV installation and we are confident that you will be pleased with the outcome.